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Witty Review: UK Competitiveness and the Local Dynamics of Innovation

  Fourth post on Witty Review and Partnerships for Progress 4. UK Competitiveness and the “Local Dynamics of Innovation” The national Enhancing Value Task Force work through CIHE and UK-IRC delivered a report in 2011 on the UK’s R&D Landscape  (Alan Hughes and Andrea Mina). This made sobering reading. While the UK has the lowest … Read more

Witty Review: Enhancing the Third Mission

Second Post on Witty Review and Partnerships for Progress 2. Enhancing the Third Mission Sir Andrew Witty, like Professor Sir Tim Wilson, sees universities as ‘anchor institutions’ in their local economies. But in order for them to fulfil their potential in enhancing economic growth, they need an enhanced Third Mission. Witty is careful to emphasise … Read more

Reflections on the Witty Review: university leadership in Partnerships for Progress

This is the first of a series of four posts on the recent Witty Review Report on Universities and Growth. 1. Witty: Universities Facilitating Economic Growth Sir Andrew Witty’s Review of Universities and Growth, Encouraging a British Invention Revolution (October 2013) is, all things considered, also encouraging for those involved in external engagement at universities.   … Read more

Queen’s University and Belfast Metropolitan ‘Engage’ with Local Businesses

Queen’s University and Belfast Metropolitan College have teamed up to produce a new website called EngageNI for SMEs in Northern Ireland. Funded by the JISC BCE Programme as part of a portfolio of Open Innovation and Access to Resources projects, the project aimed to produce an online facility enabling Belfast Met, Queen’s and SMEs to … Read more

KTPs in Further Education

If you’re new to business and community engagement your first question might be ‘what is a KTP‘? Well, it stands for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and although they’re quite widespread across higher education we very rarely hear many further education colleges talk about them.  To find out more JISC infoNet decided to pay Darlington College a … Read more