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Witty Review: UK Competitiveness and the Local Dynamics of Innovation

  Fourth post on Witty Review and Partnerships for Progress 4. UK Competitiveness and the “Local Dynamics of Innovation” The national Enhancing Value Task Force work through CIHE and UK-IRC delivered a report in 2011 on the UK’s R&D Landscape  (Alan Hughes and Andrea Mina). This made sobering reading. While the UK has the lowest … Read more

Witty Review: the Diversity of Universities Benefits Growth

Third post on Witty Review and Partnerships for Progress 3.  The Diversity of Universities Benefits Growth The Witty Report states that ‘The full diversity of institutions have a role to play from local SME support and supply chain creation to primary technology leadership and breakthrough invention’. Among the ‘Heat Maps’ in Part 2 of the … Read more

Knowledge, Wisdom and the Beauty of Imperfection

GLOBAL UNIVERSITY NETWORK FOR INNOVATION (GUNI) Conference on University Engagement 2013 Blog series, third post   Reconceptualising Knowledge    Day 2 of the GUNI conference finished with a plenary focussed ‘Enlarging the Concept of Knowledge’. Cristina Escrigas, Jesus Granados and Francois Vallaeys held that typically we are currently using a rather chaotic form of knowledge exchange, fragmented … Read more