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Do institutions need customers? Or partners….or members…..

JISC Conference 2009 Debate: do institutions need customers?  At this year’s JISC conference, this session addressed the thorny matter of the ‘customer’ in higher and further education.  Simon Whittemore introduced the ideas by assessing the pressures faced by educational institutions and partners in the current economic climate.  Students are the institutions’ traditional customers but they … Read more

Inaugural BCE Programme Meeting

Over 30 delegates took part in the inaugural BCE Programme Meeting held in Daventry, Northamptonshire on 5th/6th March 2009.  The meeting brought together a wide range of project and programme stakeholders to discuss various topics outlined below. The purpose of the event was to create a shared sense of purpose among BCE projects, celebrate achievements … Read more

Where, what, how, when, who?

Discussions at both the Advisory Services Away Day and the recent BCE Programme Start-Up meeting highlighted the variety of information sources and tools available to access BCE information across JISC.  This post aims to summarise some of what is available relating specifically to BCE… Read more