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Knowledge, Wisdom and the Beauty of Imperfection

GLOBAL UNIVERSITY NETWORK FOR INNOVATION (GUNI) Conference on University Engagement 2013 Blog series, third post   Reconceptualising Knowledge    Day 2 of the GUNI conference finished with a plenary focussed ‘Enlarging the Concept of Knowledge’. Cristina Escrigas, Jesus Granados and Francois Vallaeys held that typically we are currently using a rather chaotic form of knowledge exchange, fragmented … Read more

Inspiring examples of transformational knowledge exchange

Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI) Conference on University Engagement 2013  Blog series – Second post OK, so we’ve heard the theory (see first post) – what about some practical examples? The second day of the 2013 GUNI conference focussed more on practical examples – from all over the world – of how good practices in university external … Read more