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Witty Review: UK Competitiveness and the Local Dynamics of Innovation

  Fourth post on Witty Review and Partnerships for Progress 4. UK Competitiveness and the “Local Dynamics of Innovation” The national Enhancing Value Task Force work through CIHE and UK-IRC delivered a report in 2011 on the UK’s R&D Landscape  (Alan Hughes and Andrea Mina). This made sobering reading. While the UK has the lowest … Read more

BCE professional development tool showcased around the UK

Jisc have recently completed a series of workshops, showcasing the Professional Development Diagnostic Tool for BCE around the UK. The tool, developed by Jisc Netskills, allows you to self-assess against key professional attributes, derive a personal skills profile and identify development resources. You can also upload relevant resources and leave comments. Attendees in Newcastle, Edinburgh, … Read more

Embedding BCE Workshops: Issues Raised

BCE is a strategic priority for Governments across the UK (see HEFCW policy area as an example) which JISC has been supporting formally for the last five years. JISC recently ran four workshops aimed at staff from across UK Higher Education, Further Education and Skills involved with BCE, highlighting outputs from the Embedding BCE project. … Read more

Improve your engagement with externals

  The government recently set out plans to make the UK the go-to place for university-business collaboration. We were recently asked: what advice could you give universities and colleges looking to improve their engagement with business and the wider community? Check out our answer in the latest issue of JISC Inform: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/inform/inform34/ExternalEngagement.html Read more


JANET, the UK’s education and research network, recently highlighted how it can support institutions with their Business and Community Engagement (BCE) activities. Key points to note include: the replacement of their ‘connection’ policy with a new ‘eligibility’ policy. an updated ‘acceptable use’ policy. a guide to managing state aid issues. an implementation guide for BCE. … Read more