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Guest Blog Post: Look out for the OIA2R synthesis!

Imagine for a moment that the Open Innovation and Access to Resources Programme (OIA2R) is a biscuit tin. From the tin’s label you might think the programme’s mission was no more than to increase access to resources using collaborative techniques producing open source platforms. What the forthcoming synthesis report reveals inside the biscuit tin is … Read more

Protection versus Connection

Four of the current projects funded through the JISC’s Access to Resources and Open Innovation initiative have reported that although SMEs are keen on the concept of open innovation, in practice they are very wary of sharing ideas openly on open innovation platforms. In undertaking business and community engagement activities, in particular those which improve … Read more

Open Innovation for Design

The University of the Creative Arts in partnership with Brunel University aims to create a “Creative Open Innovation Network for Excellence in Design”, consisting of a workflow for fashion and product designers, linking academia and industry in their assessment of ideas for and development of new products. Part of the Access to Resources and Open … Read more

Wilson Review and JISC BCE Resources

Sir Tim Wilson’s review of university-business collaboration highlighted that universities and businesses now face new imperatives to collaborate due to the climate of economic austerity and the Government’s reforms to Higher Education funding. HEFCE have endorsed the Review and the sector would do well to heed many of the recommendation and reflections. The JISC Business … Read more