Goodbye the Global Innovation Network: Hello the Innovation Commons

The Global Innovation Network recently closed because the team behind it have been working hard on creating a network that actually gives learning providers a service that they don’t already have – the Innovation Commons. Less chat, more action!

The Innovation Commons is a growing community of Innovation and IP creators and exploiters, and is designed to help with:

  1. Validating Early-Stage Ideas – using crowd wisdom this helps a university to identify IP or tech opportunities that are commercially compelling and accelerates the flow of IP. It does this via a crowd of external entrepreneurs.
  2. Tapping Into a Scalable Community of Entrepreneurs – using crowd sourcing to find the ideal business development leader. As ‘not all of the smart people work for you’ crowd sourcing helps to match commercial opportunities with external entrepreneurs that have the skills and connectivity to drive it forward. This allows the university to scale its commercial activity quickly on a shared risk basis.
  3. Overcoming the Funding Gapcrowd resourcing helps to identify and tap into external investment, grant and investor networks for early-stage innovations.

Calling all Entrepreneurs and Consultants!

For those of you interested in helping with knowledge transfer projects, either as an entrepreneurial consultant or someone who has the skill-set or experience to assist in the business development process, read on!

To join the Innovation Commons you will need to sign up with your profile information. If you’re accepted into the community, you’ll sign a confidentiality agreement and can then get more detailed information on innovation and technology opportunities coming out of the member universities. As a consultant member of the Innovation Commons, we’ll ask you to participate in voting and commenting on projects.

The team are looking for people who are willing to get involved on a shared risk basis (although this may vary from project to project and university to university). That means a share of the upside and some determination to keep ventures going following any initial fees!

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