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In 2006, Jisc was invited by its funding partners to consider how it might contribute to the knowledge transfer and exchange agenda. After careful design, the Jisc BCE programme was formed in 2008 to address the following high-level challenges:

  1. To enhance institutions’ efficiency, effectiveness and opportunities in BCE activities
  2. To improve access to institution’s knowledge and expertise for business and community organisations

More on the context/history of the programme can be found on our ‘about’ page.

Since its inception, the programme has delivered well over 150 products/resources contributing to the realisation of the challenges listed above. A comprehensive list of BCE outputs and ongoing projects can be found via the Jisc Advance BCE Team’s high level plan (see worksheet 2—BCE programme output inventory).

Made up of case studies, final reports, blogs and much more, findings help to illustrate how IT can:

  • make sharing knowledge and communicating with partners easier and more sustainable
  • facilitate networking and managing relationships
  • support the sharing and aggregation of information relating to BCE activities
  • support research collaboration through off-site access and the effective management of information

Why not see for yourself? Explore some of the resources available and get in touch if you have any questions!

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