Building Networks

When you start to look at colleges and universities in great detail you begin to understand the huge depth and breadth of work they carry out.  Forging new partnerships and relationships is vital in terms of both funding and knowledge exchange.  Knowledge exchange pretty much means what it says on the tin and could be summarised as doing three things:

  1. Providing a solution to a problem – Pull rather than Push
  2. Providing practical experience to teaching/academic staff
  3. Informing learning/research material

Developing and maintaining networks can help bring those partnerships to fruition.  The sound bites below provide some examples of where this is already happening.

University of Glasgow, Innovation Network – Bill Leeming (Project Manager), Marion Anderson (Knowledge Transfer Manager)


University of Glasgow, VentureNavigator – Pete O’Neill (Project Manager)


University of Strathclyde, Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network – Fiona Ireland (Project Manager)


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