CRM, BCE & the Importance of Impact

Business and Community Engagement (BCE) is a diverse landscape covering many activities that involve engagement between higher/further education institutions and external organisations/individuals. The wide range of roles and activities within BCE can sometimes make it hard to appreciate the full extent of this increasingly important aspect of institutions’ missions.

The JISC Advance BCE Team have developed a set of videos and podcasts that highlight specific activities, issues and opportunities across a range of learning providers that relate specifically to BCE.

The second in this range of videos and podcasts provides an overview of BCE from Oisin MacNamara (now Director of Research Business & Innovation at Northumbria University) focusing on: the role of Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs); the need to embed BCE across the whole of the organisation; and the importance of impact.

Based upon those areas outlined in the video, you may be interested to know of the following resources:

  • Customer Relationship Management: A ’self analysis framework’ for those at the very early stages of CRM implementation is available.  A range of pilots are also currently under way to apply and extend the framework:
  • Highlighting Impact:  Oisin highlights case studies as the most appropriate way of describing and accounting for any impact made.  Resources available from JISC Digital Media can help you to provide this information in a variety of formats.  You may also find accessibility advice from JISC TechDis extremely helpful.
  • Stakeholder Management: The Project Management infoKit provides guidance on who should be involved with any project.
  • Embedding BCE: The Embedding BCE infoKit is now available online, providing further and higher education with advice and guidance on BCE and how to support it.  It demonstrates the benefits for the institution and promotes enhanced internal engagement and better integrated BCE.

To see more videos from the JISC BCE Programme please visit our YouTube channel. A full transcript of this video is available here: BCE at Northumbria University – Transcript.

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