Open Innovation and Access to Resources – Phase 2 Projects

The JISC Business and Community Engagement programme has recently funded 11 projects as a result of the Phase 2 Open Innovation and Access to Resources (OIA2R) call. These build on from the 8 completed projects from Phase 1.

A start-up meeting was held last week at the Centre for Life in Newcastle which provided an excellent opportunity for projects, the OIA2R Support and Synthesis Team and Critical Friends who will be providing guidance to the projects to meet each other. During the day attendees learned more about the projects in both the Open Innovation and Access to Resources Strands, programme expectations and how the Support and Synthesis Team will be assisting projects in knowledge sharing and externally communicating their activities.

The 11 funded projects are:

Access to Resources

Project: Encapsulate
Lead Institution: University of Essex
Partners: University of Glasgow

A proof-of-concept demonstrator will be developed to explore the feasibility of using digital repositories of research outputs as a means of automatically identifying the relevant academic expertise within HEIs in response to online queries from businesses. The demonstrator will be trialled using Glasgow’s institutional research outputs repository, Enlighten, and accessed through the VentureNavigator online business support service.

Project: IngenuityKnowledgeHub
Lead Institution: University of Nottingham
Partners: University of Derby

The University of Nottingham will lead a partnership including the University of Derby, Good Work Guide and In A Fishbowl and will facilitate open collaborations between local business and social enterprise networks to deliver a sustainable, innovative, flexible and inclusive university-led online “knowledge hub” which will empower core targets of small businesses, students, individuals, social enterprises, 3rd sector organisations and others to collaborate, exchange knowledge and grow business together.

Project: myEnterprise: Engaging SMEs with Corridor Manchester
Lead Institution: Manchester Metropolitan University
Partners: University of Manchester, Manchester Science Parks Ltd.

This project will co-develop myEnterprise in the context of a Living Lab for the online sharing with SMEs of services and expertise from knowledge-intensive partners based on Corridor Manchester. Corridor Manchester is committed to generating economic growth and investment in the knowledge economy joining together Manchester’s two universities, the City Council, Manchester Science Parks and NHS Foundation Trusts. The project will engage with local SMEs to understand barriers preventing the access of expertise from knowledge-intensive organisations; and also develop a prototype online system based on the needs of SMEs. The project will initially focus on three of the Corridor’s strongest sectors – digital, advanced manufacturing and healthcare – to ensure that engagement is manageable and will consist of a series of events to support co-development and explore other synergistic opportunities for collaboration. As the project proceeds, there are plans to extend myEnterprise and its approach to engagement with SMEs across the Corridor’s other knowledge-intensive sectors. The vision is of a system that is fully applicable across knowledge and industry sectors and transferable across regions.

Project: The Infusion Factory
Lead Institution: York St John University
Partners: Science City York/Higher York

This project will develop an online portal to link Further and Higher Education content producers with businesses requiring quality content. The portal will provide access to prototyping expertise and facilities to benefit students, staff and businesses, infusing technology frameworks and new innovations with content and design.

Project: Cross-Institutional Learning Framework for Energy CPD
Lead Institution: Loughborough University
Partners: University of Nottingham, University of Birmingham

The purpose of this project is to design and deliver a cross-institutional online knowledge repository and delivery framework for energy sector learners across the UK. It aims to develop the existing collaborative activities of the Midlands Energy Group (MEGS) consisting of Loughborough University, The University of Nottingham and University of Birmingham, and the partnership with National Grid, Eon and other companies to initiate and support an innovative online platform for efficient knowledge sharing between the group. It will achieve this by carrying out an industry-focused curriculum mapping and training needs analysis across key industry partners to develop a repository of multi-media resources (including online lectures, workshops and), as well as other resources such as industry-relevant software packages, improving access of industry to academic knowledge resources.

Project: Realising a New Business Climate
Lead Institution: Aberystwyth University

Realising a New Business Climate will develop an innovative, co-developed platform to assist the business sector, in particular SMEs, to take advantage of the fast growing market opportunities created by a changing climate, while increasing economic resilience to climate disruptions. This business-facing technology will unlock and utilise social science knowledge assets that will in turn assist the digital delivery of highly targeted communications. To ensure these communications and the overall platform deliver long term benefits to the business community, iterative co-development with diverse business networks will be embraced to evaluate for potential impact. Benefits sought include: greater economic resilience, new market opportunities and increased competitiveness.

Open Innovation

Project: Open Innovation Exchange Programme
Lead Institution: Coventry University

The Open Innovation Exchange Programme (OpEx) will produce a demonstrator with three main components: a virtual platform for collaboration, a social networking platform for partner matching, and web services and toolkits on innovation, including mobile game apps for business and community engagement with integrated JISC resources. These tools will bring together SMEs with academic experts and postgraduate students to support open innovation between the sectors to nurture economic growth.

Project: Open LivIN: An Integrated Open IP and Innovation Marketplace
Lead Institution: Liverpool John Moore’s University
Partners: The University of Liverpool, The Mersey Partnership, Technology Strategy Board

This project intends to develop Open Liverpool Innovation Network (Open LivIN) – a city region-wide innovation market-place that connects business and university innovators to maximise exploitation of IP and innovations. This is irrespective of where such innovations arise in the City Region. It will then “mainline” these opportunities into the national economy using established innovation markets. This will enable the project partners and the wider business community to collaborate on their exploitation opportunities.

Project: Creative Open Innovation Network for Expertise in Design (COINED)
Lead Institution: University for the Creative Arts
Partners: Brunel University

The COINED project will define, operate and test an innovation workflow that enables creative arts/design researchers and industry partners to co-develop innovation assets; tests support and guidance resources, mechanisms for managing IP and the application of user-centred/ sustainable design tools. It will foster, capture and analyse user feedback and evaluation data.

Project: Hull and Humber Open Innovation
Lead Institution: Hull College
Partners: Hull Local Enterprise Partnership

Hull and Humber Open Innovation will design, build, test, use and disseminate an online open innovation web 2.0 product that will enable educational institutions, businesses, authorities and agencies take advantage of innovation opportunities across the Humber region based on Governmental information feed via the Local Enterprise Partnership and utilising shared knowledge assets.

Project: mOBILE
Lead Institution: University of Manchester
Partners: Mimas, MAHSC, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust, Trafford Provider Services, Adherence Science, EuMHA, Janssen Health Innovation, Manchester Science Parks, Regpoint, Wragge

This project will develop an online marketplace for co-innovation of mobile health products and services, bringing together partners from the University, NHS and business. mOBILE will build on a comprehensive range of requirements gathering activities and a user-centred development methodology in order to deliver an effective and useable demonstrator online marketplace to support the needs of the mobile health ecosystem. The technical approach and development of the online marketplace will enable users to participate in open innovation activities, sharing information on competencies, needs and solutions, matching requirements to capabilities and providing a workspace where members can work together to co-develop solutions.

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